Wednesday, 12 January 2011

so... i'm writing a novel

as of yesterday,

i started writing it down,

i'm still plotting out sections of it, and i'm telling the story to various people...

right now this blog is about who i've told:

so... i told a version of the story to GG many times when she was my girlfriend, and indeed afterwards,

the same version - perhaps slightly different - i told to ES when she was my girlfriend (for that blink of an eye)

this current version i told to K & S (with baby R in tow) at the V&A on saturday (8th january), they encouraged it,

then on monday i told it to GG, she looked quite underwhelmed,

that night it told it to JF, old old friend, (artist) he got really into it, we were talking about different approaches to telling it, perhaps graphic novel... JF mentioned various graphic novels

on tuesday i told it to HVB, CG & DS, (artist, guitarist, saxophonist) HVB said i was nuts, laughing (i took that as encouragement), CG mentioned sirens of time by vonegut... (which right now i don't want to read), DS mentioned bulgakov, master & margarita, (which i have read & loved) all very encouraging,

by "this current version" i mean starting with the birth/ tube train incident,

today i told M in the Big Green Bookshop, he was patient, but quite hard, i found it a bit difficult when he was telling me what he thought... "so you're relying on coincidence there?" & "do you need the cats?" "do they serve the story?"

i intend to tell K (sister) later...

ok thanks... this is all for my own benefit, i don't ex[ect people to read this blog x

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